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Friday, November 12, 2004

I was off yesterday, but my thoughts on Veterans Day were with the Marines and Army troops fighting for their lives in Fallujah. It has been nearly 9 months now that we have been fooling around with these scum bags. For 9 months we sat just outside waiting to go in. But why did we wait to go in? Why did we give the bad guys time to build up there defenses and recruit new troops. Yesterday I read that the marines had discovered tunnel systems from house to house. That nearly every street had booby traps. Why would we give them time to do all of this? Because Bush cared more about holding power then about the marines. Any casualties in Iraq would cost him votes. So far 18 Americans have died and 3 or 4 times that many wounded (remember wounded could mean anything from a scratch to losing all your limbs). There is no doubt that if we had gone in sooner than it is likely that the numbers would be lower. Think about it, why is even one marines life less important then Bush having a second term? John Kerry would have done the right thing and not waited to gain political ground. I know this because he is man who actually served his country and lost friends. He has an intimate understanding of the costs of war. Bush is nothing but an armchair commando. When he presents himself as a leader who is all about the troops, think about Fallujah and know it’s a put on. Also, let me blow your mind for a second Ken Mehlman will likely be the new head of the RNC, we have probably all seen him on TV spitting out the Repub’s mantra of no gay marriage, and other values crap. The funny thing is….he’s gay himself (not that there is anything wrong with that) Oh man can you smell that…its its hypocrisy.


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