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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Random Observation: When Gamers Get Old

I have read that the average age of a gamer these days is 29. That's perfect because, I am myself 29 (see Norah I am normal). This year’s video game season (late October to the first half of January) has been the best in memory. Half-life 2, Halo 2, Ghost Recon 2 and World of Warcraft have all been released within a months time. While all of these games are amazing in my opinion, by far the best game this year is Half-life 2. Now that I have finished it all other games seem sort of lackluster. It has set a new high watermark that I am sure will stand for sometime. This being said how the hell can Gamespot give Half-life 2 a rating of 9.2 and World of Warcraft a 9.5? The point of this essay is not really to question the merits of Gamespot's questionable reviewing abilities. I want to shed light on a trend I have been observing for some time, as the average gamer is getting older we are moving away from games that require actual skill and ability to more passive games that reward time investment over ability. With games like WOW, EQ2 and the ilk you don't even have to be good at video games to progress, you only have to be patient. Take a gander at any video review on Gamespot and you'll see that those dudes are getting old too, I mean Greg Kasavin is both very bald and very chubby...and a tool (sorry I have been waiting years to say that out loud). I don't mean to bash the people that play MMOs. But, if you take a hard look at those types of gamers you will see that they fit a certain mold (not you Cmarsh you’re still cool). Maybe I am in a dying breed, but I still cling to the idea video games played online are supposed to be competitive. In my mind, you’re supposed to be crushing someone’s self-esteem, your supposed to be making someone throw the controller at the TV in disgust. And what of the poop-talking, what is the point of gaming with out the chance to lay down some verbal abuse??? MMOs are like non-competitive sports that the special kids had to play in school, sure your outside and getting exercise but if you can't make someone else feel bad what’s the f-ing point?


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