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Monday, December 13, 2004

Random Paranoia

So the other day after Rumsfeld got an earful from a group of soldiers in Kuwait, I was so pissed at his inept excuse making I felt compelled to title a post FUCK RUMSFELD. So it struck me as a little odd and weird when I noticed this while I was looking over my stats. So big brother is combing over the blogspace looking for clues to what the kids are thinking........ well fuck 'em then.

The Problem with World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has pushed my friend over the edge (He was prety close already). Below is his crazy email....... I just want my friend back.

You don’t fricken GET IT, man! Sidmorph suffers in silence, man…..his gospel is pain…and his cross is his bitchstick…and every day and every night he walks alone and collects his flock and holds UNHOLY COMMUNION MTHRFCKR and THEY ARE ALL BAPTISED IN BLOOD AND DELIVERED BEYATCH!!

Then he finds the nearest tavern.....slowly walks to a table in the back….brushes the dust off his cloak…sets the bitchstick down and orders a bottle. Then as the wind whips and howls outside and the candles burn and flicker….he holds his head in his hands, man….and he weeps. He weeps for the pain, the sickness, the lost gods....and after the bottle empties and the wind dies down, he finally sleeps. Then wakes up and does it all over again, man. ALL OVER AGAIN.

Ok, I think my sugar is low and I had better take my pill.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Why no one should ever join the Army

I can tell you from experience the whole system is set up to fuck people over. Here is some proof.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Spc. Thomas Wilson has balls of STEEL. I salute him, I can not imagine all of the bad things Rumsfeld can do to him. But, he spoke the truth and it needed be said.


For the record, the world’s richest nation has no excuse for sending its soldiers into combat riding in soft skinned vehicles. In this case soft skinned is literal since the normal Humvee has plastic canvas doors. That’s right; your Honda has more protection from bullets. I would love to see that arrogant prick ride through down town Baghdad with nothing protecting his wrinkled ass except tan colored plastic. He would no doubt shit in his Brooks Brothers slacks.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Random thoughts on the Matrix

Like pretty much everyone else in the Nerdosphere I was kind of let down by the last two matrix movies. Today it occurred to me what the problem was, Neo never cut loose and went bat shit crazy on the bad guys. I mean at the end of the first movie it seemed that he had found all of this power. Therefore, sitting down in the theater to watch Reloaded I fully expected to see Neo rip somebody’s arm off and beat up like at least 50 people with it. Although, he was very powerful, the fight scenes were more about him being almost invulnerable then about him being able to kick ass on a global scale. It was just so damn emotionless and passive in a way.