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Monday, December 13, 2004

The Problem with World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has pushed my friend over the edge (He was prety close already). Below is his crazy email....... I just want my friend back.

You don’t fricken GET IT, man! Sidmorph suffers in silence, man…..his gospel is pain…and his cross is his bitchstick…and every day and every night he walks alone and collects his flock and holds UNHOLY COMMUNION MTHRFCKR and THEY ARE ALL BAPTISED IN BLOOD AND DELIVERED BEYATCH!!

Then he finds the nearest tavern.....slowly walks to a table in the back….brushes the dust off his cloak…sets the bitchstick down and orders a bottle. Then as the wind whips and howls outside and the candles burn and flicker….he holds his head in his hands, man….and he weeps. He weeps for the pain, the sickness, the lost gods....and after the bottle empties and the wind dies down, he finally sleeps. Then wakes up and does it all over again, man. ALL OVER AGAIN.

Ok, I think my sugar is low and I had better take my pill.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate you andrew.

December 13, 2004 at 11:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, i don't know who that first poster is, but whatever. he seems to make a pretty good point.

also, who is that guy in the pic?? whoEVER it is, it is NOT the first poster! i mean, i don't really know for sure because i'm anonymous but the guy in the pic looks like a total asshole. it is abundantly clear to the casual anonymous eye that the guy who posted first and the guy in the pic are NOT synonymous. again, being anonymous i have no data to truly back up that claim but it seems pretty obvious to me.

anyways, what i'm getting at andrew, and norah, and andrew's friends/family and norah's friends/family (not that i have any data whatsoever to tell who you are or what your names are), is that whoever wrote what was written in the 'sidmorph' (awesome name!) post is clearly a genius.

Mr. Sidmorph- (and again, i have absolutely no idea who you are, but YOU sir, are a total badass and should really think about getting new friends)- Mr. Sidmorph, does any of this truly matter? I digress! Negative, I say!

Look, my name's Ted. And i'm from nebraska. and i care. ALOT. Friends, do not concern yourself with this kind of blatant nonsense. Instead, enjoy a delicious sandwhich. It is good, and good for you.



December 13, 2004 at 4:32 PM


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