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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Random Obeservation:

The interesting thing to me about thas article is how off base it was in some regards. The way I see it leet speak and gamer speak are two different things all together. Leet speak is the language of hackers (or haxors) this came about as workaround. In the early days of the internet people would communicate hacker stuff is newsgroups and bulletin boards. The admins of these boards would try to combat this by installing filters that would block posts that contained words such as hacks, exploits and other stuff. By misspelling words (such as haxor) they could talk "under the radar"

Gamer speak was born out of poor typing skills and the need for abbreviations while in the middle of a game. Even after 5 years of working in the corporate/civil service world I still type like a gamer. My left hand always hovers over the W,A,S and D keys. These are used in almost all games to move forward, back, strafe left and right. What you might find really interesting is that as game technology has moved forward so has the use of gamer speak. Products like Xbox live where every player can communicate with voice have allowed gamer speak to move from a quirky written code to an actual spoken dialect. It's slang for smart (sort of smart) suburban kids. I should also mention the both gamer and leet speak are international. A Dutch gamer (who are all noobs) might not understand the words "Hi there how is the weather in your fine country today" in English but he will understand something like "im uBeR Leet, going to Pwn your noob a$$". He would most likely respond with something akin to "USA gamrs all noobs LOL ROFL u r the gay". At which point I would be forced to retort with. " F U STFU im going to beat u with ur pwn wooden shoes fucking noob u r a HPB11!!!!" HPB by the way stands for High Ping Bastard, this is a comment on his internet connection. Telling someone they lag or have a high ping is not a comment taken lightly. It would like telling a drag racing gear head from the 50s that their Chevy has low horsepower or something. In closing I would just like to restate the widely accepted formula of internet + anonymity = assholes.

Also, I don't really go around bashing Dutch men online. These days I hardly even talk to other gamers